Who are we?

Arthur Perault
Manager and co-founder

With an M.A. in law from the Panthéon Assas and in history of art from Paris IV, Arthur Perault has several years of experience in Parisian auction houses.

As a notorious music sales specialist, he organized the auction sale of the Beatles collection that belonged to French collector Jacques Volcouve, the Radio France and Europe 1 radio station records sale, as well as the microphones and collector items auction held at the Abbey Road Institute in Paris.

Immersed in the world of music from a very early age, Arthur is convinced that it is a universal language: “At all times of the day, no matter where I am, there is always a moment when music is there. It is a powerful means of expression, a hobby, but also an escape. Music is essential to our existence, underscoring important moments in our lives”.

Arthur joined Artpèges to implement his competence: communication strategy development, buyer-seller relationship improvement as well as sales coordination.

Jonathan Berg
Expert Luthier & co-founder

A 2006 graduate of Newark and Sherwood College, Jonathan Berg comes from a background of classical guitar making. His work has progressively focused on Selmer-style jazz guitar making, influenced by the work of Benedetto, D’Angelico and Monteleone.

For the past few years, Jonathan has been restoring instruments that have shaped the history of rock’n’roll, including the pioneering American brands with a capital F and a capital G (to name but a few!): “The industrialization and the “automotive” approach of Leo Fender’s production has given a new dimension to the manufacture of instruments and to the maintenance that goes with it: I have gone from luthier to mechanic of beautiful guitars…”.

More and more solicited for the maintenance of private collections or instrumental parks, such as the Backline companies, Jonathan continually seeks to expand his knowledge of the history, evolution and specificities of 20th century guitar production. He has acquired some of this knowledge from different actors of the guitar world: André Duchossoir, Laurent Murelli (Guitare Village), Stéphane Beaussart (HepCat pickups), Georges Haymann (Guitars Addicts), Arnaud Legrand (Le Grand Atelier).

Today, Jonathan Berg works on the identification and verification of instruments in order to authenticate their state of wear and tear and the sometimes hidden modifications, that have taken place over the decades. Working with the utmost transparency, he strives to provide Artpèges with as much information as possible in order to certify the value of the instruments and to fight against the market of fake vintage and memorabilia.

Aymeric Vermillard

Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Pau, a Master’s degree in Audit and Expertise, the Diploma of Accounting and Financial Studies and a DUT in Marketing Techniques, he provides valuable support in the financial, legal and commercial management of Galerie Artpèges.

Coming from a family of artists and musicians, he tried his hand at several universes. It all started with a training in theater where he learned the basics of the stage. Then, he rubbed shoulders with the fashion world as a model. Thereafter he will follow in the footsteps of his older brother DJ behind turntables. In parallel, he began singing and writing words and poems. Currently, singer in the band Blood Garden formed in 2018 and guitarist in his spare time.

In addition, he is also partner with Studio 180, which is a recognized recording studio in Paris.